3 Gymnast Outfit Tips

by | May 30, 2019 | Clothing

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Like many other athletic competitions, gymnastics has a strict dress code for practice and competition. Some of the rules come from tradition while other rules stem from safety for the gymnast. A coach, for example, must be able to see every curve, pointed toe and length in the neck in order to give constructive feedback. The Best Gymnastics Leotards fit the wearer comfortably while allowing coaches and judges to see the gracefulness and execution of each movement.

Here are three tips for picking the best outfits for gymnasts.

For Practice

As mentioned before, a gymnast must wear clothing that gives their coach the opportunity to correct positions that are not well-executed. The coach must be able to see every line, point and curve. For this reason, gymnasts wear leotards. During practice, the leotards must simply be comfortable and form-fitting. It is not necessary that they include the bells, whistles and glitter that performance leotards include. In terms of practice, well-fitting leotards are required for safety purposes, too. A gymnast is already at risk for injury. Loose fitting clothes could cause unnecessary accidents.


Some gymnasts wear grips for different competitions and practice beams. A gymnast should always check with her coach because he may want her to learn how to balance and grip in a manner that does not include hand grips. The same goes for footwear. It is best to check with the coach, first.

Competition Outfit

Competitive attire for gymnasts must adhere to the rules set forth by the judging committees. This is simply because the judges must be able to judge every participant in the same manner, across the board. Additionally, nothing can be hidden so that they can also score participants appropriately.

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