3 Uses for Voile Fabric

When someone considers a soft, sheer fabric, we regularly think of silk chiffon fabric. However, it is one of the more expensive options in the fabric industry. A cheaper choice is voile fabric, a lightweight semi-transparent prospect that is just as popular as silk chiffon fabric.

With innumerable other possibilities of fabrics out there, what makes voile fabric stand out? The appeal of this textile in many industries today remains undeniable, and a few reasons are listed below.

1. Voile fabric customarily has a higher thread count and a tighter weave than other cotton fabrics, leaving it sleek and silky to the touch. Its lightweight, breathable nature allows it to fall naturally against the body. This comfortable, sturdy fabric makes it a quality choice for summer tops and dresses.

2. The screening ability of this textile makes it an excellent choice for curtains. It allows ample sunlight to pass through during the day while maintaining a modicum of privacy. The English Home explains how voile curtains are becoming increasingly prevalent with their comprehensive breadth of color and design. Voile fabric is often embellished with embroidered lace effect, acting as a charming focal point to designers.

3. An underappreciated use of voile fabric is crafting mosquito netting and window covers. It is so finely woven that it provides ample protection against mosquitoes and other biting insects whilst being loose enough to not interfere with ventilation.

Do you want to make a new dress for the summer, or buy a fresh set of curtains for the house? Voile fabric is probably your best bet, and it remains one of the more economical options out there in the market. Take a closer look at the fabric details on the tags of dresses, tops, or even curtains you buy in the future, and you may just discover how prominent voile fabric is in many industries.

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