3 Ways to Use Your Large Clay Planters to Improve Your Landscape

by | Nov 23, 2018 | Furniture

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Improving your landscape is something every homeowner wants to do. While many people use planters to improve the yard, they don’t realize there are quite a few ways to use them. With that in mind, read on for three ways you can improve your landscape using your large clay planters.

To Frame Your Front Door

Whether you have a wooden front door that is large and graceful or a cottage with a cozy wooden door on it, using two clay planters to frame your doorway is the perfect welcome sign for your guests. Add some large plants to your planter and you have a winner for sure.

An Art Piece in the Garden

Many homeowners struggle with ideas for what type of art to put in their gardens. Try filling your clay planter with calming flowers and making it the centerpiece of your garden. You will adore going there on warm spring days and taking in the beauty and serenity of the garden you love.

To Frame Your Entry Walkway

No one wants the walkway to their home to be bare and uninviting. One idea is to line your walkway with large clay planters. Using ground cover orchids in the planters ensure the walkway is ready for the spring season to come.

Keeping a Low Profile

Some homeowners want to decorate their yard without drawing attention to the planters they have sitting around. When you fill these planters with beautiful plants and foliage, they become more appealing to the eye without looking completely out of place in your landscaping.