4 Chilling Advantages to Getting Fake Snow

by | Oct 27, 2015 | Shopping

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Let’s face it—you love the wintertime. You love the feeling of the snow crunching beneath your furry boots and you are addicted to feel of ice dancing on the tip of your tongue. All of the sights and wonders bring magical thoughts to your head as they disappear beneath the frozen water. The idea of bundling up and diving headfirst into a large pile of icy-coldness is something you wait for all year. Unfortunately though, it’s summertime in your area.

There is a solution to this. Thanks to modern advancements, you can order fake snow. While this sounds very ridiculous and dangerous at first, it’s actually not a big deal. Making fake snow can bring winter to you in every season. Despite what the naysayers will tell you, here are four chilling advantages to having artificial snow.

1. It’s Not Pricey

Fake snow is actually quite cheap. While you could simply wait until winter and get the real stuff for free, according to eZineArticles.com, buying fake snow is fairly easy on your wallet. You will have no problem being able to get the amount you need for your little girl’s ice princess birthday party or just to have a good time. Just remember to shop around a bit or you may spend a little more than you bargained for.

2. Swinter

Just like that old episode of Phineas and Ferb, one of the best advantages to having fake snow is that you can enjoy it while it’s warm outside. You won’t need to bundle up for it; you could essentially run out in shorts and a t-shirt. Being able to enjoy snow and not get frostbite is something that nature should take into consideration.

3. It Lasts a While

Unless you don’t like looking outside and seeing snow for the rest of the week while it’s still mid-July, this is a great advantage to getting fake snow. It lasts a few days before going away and because it’s not real snow, it won’t leave behind a damp lawn for you to slosh through.

4. Well-Imitated

The most interesting aspect of artificial snow is that it looks legit. You would never tell that it was fake snow until you walked up and stuck your hands into it. That would certainly be a funny sight for the neighbors to wake up to.

Artificial snow is definitely a great option when trying to replicate that wintery look in the middle of a warmer season. It’s cheap, not freezing, long lasting, and looks like the real thing. It’s a win-win situation for all of you winter lovers out there.