5 Awesome Christmas Gift Basket Ideas

by | Oct 17, 2014 | Gifts

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The holidays should be filled with joy, peace and the happiness that comes from giving. But, crowded malls, over-priced gifts, and hectic schedules can suck the fun out of the season. Rather than rushing around trying to find the perfect gifts for the special people in your life, chocolate gift baskets are a stress-free way to bring the thrill back to the season. Made with the highest quality chocolate, these are no ordinary treats. These five gift basket ideas are special enough that the recipients will still be dreaming of them, and hoping to receive them again, next Christmas.

1.Strawberry Platter: Strawberries are sweet, delicious and romantic. Covered in chocolate they are even more exquisite. A strawberry platter is the perfect treat for someone you love. And, if you are lucky they may share some with you, snuggled in front of the fire on a cold winter evening.

2.Cookie Plate: Freshly baked cookies are a classic holiday treat. But, during the holiday season, no one has time to slave away in the kitchen covered in flour only to wash a pile of dishes later. A cookie platter, piled high with old-fashioned favorites, is a delightful gift for families, coworkers and your closest friends. Or, bring it to a holiday gathering where it is sure to be the first thing gobbled up.

3. Edible Chocolate Basket: No matter which gift basket you choose the treats inside are sure to be devoured with glee. But, once all the goodies are gone what happens to the basket? No one needs another basket to stick in a closet. An edible basket is the perfect solution. It’s an innovative twist on the classic gift basket and is sure to be a conversation piece that everyone will be raving about between bites.

4. Oreos and Pretzels: Sweet and salty, Oreos and pretzels are the best of both worlds. Both are delicious treats on their own and are made even better with a coating of premier chocolate. Give them to a household full of little one for a gift the whole family will love.

5. Fancy Tray: With so many chocolate delights to choose from, it’s hard to pick just one. With our Fancy Trays you can have it all. Stacked with truffles, ganaches and other favorites, there is plenty to share. Plus, the beautiful gold basket is the perfect addition to holiday décor.