5 Benefits Of Having Vision Correction Surgery In Fountain CO

by | Oct 18, 2021 | Eyeglasses

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Many people these days, who do not have perfect vision, are turning to vision correction surgery in Fountain CO area. This surgery is not invasive, and there are several benefits to having it done.

Greatly Improved Vision

Vision Correction Surgery can improve your vision drastically. Recent studies have shown, that 95% of patients who have the surgery, achieve a visual acuity of 24/40, without correction. About 85% of patients, achieve 20/20 vision without correction. These are the results after one, outpatient procedure.

Long Lasting Results

It takes about three months for the eye to stabilize following the procedure. After that initial period, the results are permanent. Patients do not need to have any follow-up procedures performed. The results will remain, unless there is normal vision loss due to illness or age.

Quick Recovery Time

On the day of the surgery, it is normal for the patient’s vision to be blurry. The next day, however, their vision should be perfect. Patients can go back to their normal routine the day after having the surgery, making this treatment very convenient.

No Need for Glasses

Following your surgery, you will have no need for glasses. This can make life much easier. Patients no longer need to reach for their glasses when they wake up in the morning and search for their prescription sunglasses when they are driving. Being able to see without glasses will also let people see a whole new person, without glasses covering their face.

No Need for Contacts

The estimated annual cost of contacts is between $375 and $450, depending on the brand and prescription needed. When contact lens wearers have vision correction surgery, they no longer need to spend the money on contacts. Also, wearing contacts can be an inconvenience at times. Patients need to make time in the morning to put them in and need to remember to remove them before they go to bed. They also need to deal with the occasional lost or damaged contact lens. If a patient has an infection of the eye, such as pink eye, contact lenses cannot be worn until the infection is cleared up.

If you have less than perfect vision, you should consider Vision Correction Surgery in Fountain CO.
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