6 Ways to Keep Your Rugs in Fantastic Condition

by | Jun 8, 2018 | Shopping

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Keep your rugs in tip-top shape. Check out these tips for starters.

Keep shoes off

You could make it a habit to leave shoes by the door and to use house slippers instead, Good Housekeeping shares. That’s one way to keep the dirt off your carpets and out of your home.

Regular vacuuming

Do this to maintain the condition of your carpet and prevent the buildup of soil, greasy residue, allergens, and more in the threads and fibers. Make sure you set the vacuum at the right height.

Keep the mop away

When you mop the floor around your carpets, make sure it doesn’t touch any part of the rug. Otherwise, the cleaning solution in the mop could turn those areas brittle. If these aren’t properly dried, the material could rot. If it does happen, though, look for a cleaning service for oriental rugs in Houston right away.

Remove those plants

A little bit of green can give your home office or living space a cozy vibe and feel. But remember to keep potted plants that require constant watering well away from your carpets. The water could seep into the threads of the carpet and lead to rot.

Have them professionally cleaned

Vacuuming your rugs will help. But that’s not going to be enough to keep the allergens out. Have your oriental rugs in Houston deep-cleaned by experts. They can remove stains, microorganisms, and dirt from your carpets.

Look for repair and restoration services

If your rugs are old and show some signs of wear or if the colors are already faded out, don’t despair. Before you toss your old carpets out, bring them to expert rug cleaners. With tools and know-how for proper carpet care, you can count on quality carpet cleaners to bring your rugs back to life.