Advantages Offered by Organic Cotton Clothing

by | Nov 16, 2016 | Shopping

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When you choose organic clothing as for your wardrobe, you are reaping a number of advantages you may not even be aware of. The fact is, choosing organic cotton leads to better health for farmers and consumers, cost savings for farmers, and even environmental conservation. It is these benefits that have resulted in the huge “boom” of the organic clothing industry in the recent years. From diapers and baby blankets to jeans and quality organic cotton t-shirts in Michigan – the clothing items that are now available in organic cotton are vast.

The specific benefits offered by organic material can be found here.

Advantages for Consumers

The manufacturers of organic clothing advertise the fact that organic material is better to wear, which is especially true for babies and young children. There are a number of parents who agree with this. Due to the raw, natural state of the material, it is the ideal option for the developing, sensitive skin of babies.

Also, when organic cotton is created, it doesn’t involve the use of any type of chemicals, resulting in fewer allergies. This material smells great and can lead to fewer respiratory issues.

Environmental Advantages of Organic Cotton

A surprising fact to many consumers is the fact that conventional cotton accounts for up to 25 percent of the insecticides and 10 percent of all pesticides that are used throughout the world, even though the growing space only takes up three percent of the total cultivated area.

Cotton crops have been plagued by a number of issues in the past, including black root rot, sting nematode, leaf spot, cotton rust, southern blight, bacterial blight, among others. To get rid of these problems, countless chemical products are used, which has led to a great deal of environmental pollution.

However, organic cotton is used without needing pesticides, insecticides, or chemical fertilizers. This helps to improve the land’s quality, contamination of the water, and even conserve biodiversity.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to organic cotton, it is by far a better product. Keeping this in mind can help any consumer see why this should be their go-to material of choice.