An Eye-Catching, Environmentally Friendly Way to Advertise

If you are looking for an affordable, eye-catching form of advertising that is environmentally friendly, billboard bikes may be the perfect solution for you. These unique creations are offered by Coaster Cycles, and they can help increase awareness of your business in a way that instantly creates a buzz.

What are Billboard Bikes?

These unique forms of advertising are simply bicycles pulling an advertisement behind them. You will find them in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are often three-wheeled vehicles, and they can be either a single unit or have a detachable billboard. The size of the billboard is only limited by the amount of wind in the area. The unique design is on purpose. It is what makes people take a second look.

Why Use These Bikes?

When it comes to advertising, these bikes are cost efficient. Their small size allows them to enter areas a vehicle cannot. This means you can target potential customers in pedestrian spaces. Your community will enjoy the fact that this advertising isn’t going to cause visual pollution. It eliminates the sea of billboards as one enters a commercial area.

Advantages of Billboard Bicycles

There are many benefits to using these. There is absolutely no carbon footprint left behind, and you eliminate the expense of fuels due to the human power it requires. They can even be outfitted with a storage compartment. This replaces large, unsightly food trucks when it comes to selling small snacks. Along with being an innovative and eye-catching product, it promotes local business while making a great impression people will talk about.

Use the billboard bikes from us to help create a buzz for your own business. They are affordable, environmentally friendly, and will definitely catch the eye of potential customers.

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