Are Platinum Engagement Rings the Best Choice for the Love of Your Life?

by | Mar 2, 2016 | Jewelry, Shopping

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The bond of marriage is sacred. Promising lifelong love and dedication to another human being is a vow that many consider to be the crowning achievement of their lives. Your engagement ring demonstrates your pledge to this commitment. The engagement and wedding rings symbolize all the affection and love you’re promising with the rite of marriage. Choosing the right ring to acknowledge these feelings should be a thoughtful process. Platinum is the most rare and the most pure of jewelry metals. It is non reactive and incorruptible maintaining its beautiful silvery white color always.

What Makes a Platinum Engagement Ring the Best?

The obvious question to anybody considering buying a platinum engagement ring is what makes them the most sought after and most expensive type of ring on the market. The first thing to know is that platinum is one of the rarest and most costly metals to mine. Not only is it hard to find and extract, but only 30 percent of all the platinum found in the world is used for jewelry. This makes platinum engagement rings a luxury for most people, but what better way to say, “I want to be with you forever”, than to say it with one of the most precious metals on the planet.

The Rarity of Platinum

Platinum is more expensive than gold but it is also stronger and more durable than gold. Platinum is extremely resistant to the abrasive wear that prong tips inevitably take. When selecting a ring for the costly and symbolic diamond you want a strong and long-lasting and brilliant white metal to secure that diamond. With this is mind, platinum is the obvious choice. A platinum ring mounting will protect the diamond for the life of the marriage and for generations to come.

Unadulterated Beauty

Perhaps the most important reason platinum engagement rings remain unequaled is simply how they look. The beauty of the metal itself is absolutely fantastic. The reason it looks superior to its closest competitor, white gold, is that it has a naturally white color which accents perfectly the diamond it holds. White gold requires another metal, rhodium, to achieve its white color. This extra plating layer is not needed with platinum meaning it will retain its bright white color for all her life. Like all metal, platinum engagement rings will lose luster over the course of time. This is called acquiring a patina. Many people love the soft matte patina that only platinum takes on after years of wear, but if you don’t, platinum can easily be polished back to new condition.