Bronze Garden Statues – Considerations When Purchasing

by | Apr 28, 2017 | Bronze Statue and Sculpture

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Your garden may already be beautiful with the plants and flowers and other accessories, but adding one or more bronze garden statues can enhance its beauty even further. You have many options when it comes to the types of sculptures or statues you can use, but bronze statues in your garden can really add a special touch you can appreciate for the long term.

The Creation of Bronze Garden Statues
There is a special procedure used to create garden statues made from bronze called the ‘Lost Wax Process’. It is used to create reproductions of the original museum statues at a high level of quality. At World of Bronze, we use this process and also ensure that your piece is created with 100% American bronze. By applying a special patina to the surface, the statue is enhanced with an authentic and unique look all its own. A hand-rubbing application further develops the details of the piece, giving it a further unique look that makes it distinctive in terms of surface characteristics.

The ‘Lost Wax Process’ results in an end product that is unique – you will have a statue that has features not found on other pieces. As well, after the process is complete, the piece can be fastened to a marble base that has a brass plate upon which the name of the statue and its author can be sketched.

Styles for Your Garden
There are a variety of factors you may want to consider before purchasing one or more bronze garden statues. You’ll want to evaluate the size of your garden and determine what size statues may provide a good fit in terms of appropriate décor. You want to create an appearance that is balanced and complementary to the entire garden plan.

Adding these statues can add a sense of life and majesty to your garden. These additions can add the beauty of the entire scenery and offer you and other visitors a more pleasant visual experience.

You can count on World of Bronze to deliver you some of the highest quality reproduction bronze statues you can find at the lowest prices on the market.

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