Buy a Discounted But High-Quality Light Fixture For a Hallway or Corridor

by | Jul 23, 2018 | Electronics

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Hallway lighting in Chicago homes and businesses is essential so that it is easier to see at night. Most hallways don’t have windows, and when it is raining or snowing, you can’t find doorways or see if anything is on the floor. You don’t have to settle for having bare light bulbs on the ceiling of a corridor or hallway because there are stores that offer attractive light fixtures. When you are selecting a light fixture for a hallway, you must consider the width and length of the space to choose fixtures that look appropriate.

Different Fixture Styles

In addition, you must consider the amount of light required for a hallway so that you can buy a light fixture that uses the correct wattage of light bulbs. You may want a small light fixture that uses traditional light bulbs, but you might need hallway lighting that requires long fluorescent tubes instead. A light fixture might have a clear glass or plastic cover, but you might want to have a light fixture that has an etched or translucent cover so that the hallway has a particular ambiance. You can also use more than one type of light fixture in a hallway or corridor.

Attractive Light Fixtures

The hallway lighting in Chicago businesses and homes can have bases that are made from different types of wood, plastic or metal, but it is important to select colors or textures that work nicely with the other decorative elements in the space. You may want to have light fixtures that have sensors that turn on automatically, but you might prefer having light fixtures that require a wall switch instead. You can save money on hallway lighting in Chicago by visiting Fox Lighting Galleries.