Buying Battle Ready Katanas – A Guide for Beginners

by | Jul 21, 2017 | Shopping

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The katana has been one of the most popular swords in history. If you are into swordplay and would like to try your hand at an authentic katana, you have a considerable amount of research to do before buying. The katana was the weapon of choice of the Samurai, the revered warriors of Japan. The sword itself has an elongated hilt to allow it to be comfortably held with both hands and an extremely sharp blade. Today, battle ready katanas can cost a considerable amount of money, but it really depends upon the materials used and the attention to detail that the company pays.

At Blade City, we sell katanas and a whole range of other swords for our customers. If you are looking to buy a stylish, authentic katana, the first thing that you should check out is our website to get a better idea of our pricing. We have swords ranging from under $50 to other, more expensive options, so you have to be careful that you set a budget. Of course, you can order a custom-designed katana with a hilt of your choice, but that will be much more costly. Now, if you want to buy battle ready katanas but don’t really know much about them, the following guide will arm you with the knowledge you need before you go shopping.

The Blade

Katana blades are mostly made from high quality stainless steel. At Blade City, we only use high quality stainless steel with a decent Rockwell rating to ensure that the katana doesn’t break very easily upon impact. If you want to order a custom katana, you can even choose between additional options such as folded steel and laminated steel. Damascus steel, known as the most premium variant of steel used in katana construction, is also available. Obviously, the higher the quality of the steel variant you choose, the more your sword will cost.

The Construction

One of the reasons why katana swords were so revered in the past is because they were virtually indestructible and the blade was easy to maintain. At Blade City, we pay very close attention to the manufacturing process to ensure that the blade and the hilt are joined together properly and won’t break due to impact. Being one of the most reputable providers of blades and knives in the industry, we make sure that your katana sword is as authentic as can be. You can visit our website to check out a number of battle ready katanas and buy one directly, or you can get in touch with us and order a custom knife as well. We will make sure that your money is put to good use!