Buying square cake pans – What you need to know

by | Jul 25, 2017 | Shopping

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Many bakers are familiar with the different types of round cake pans and their varying dimensions and depths. However what isn’t as familiar is the use of square cake pans when making professional cakes. Although they don’t receive as much attention as round cake pans, the square ones are just as effective at turning out stellar, straight edged cakes that are soft, moist, and delicious. If you are considering purchasing some square cake pans for your upcoming cake making venture, it helps to learn the basics beforehand.

Choosing the right sized pan

Before purchasing square cake pans, it helps to have an idea about which size pan you will want to use. Just like round pans, square pans come in a wide variety of dimensions including 9x9x3, 9x9x2, 8x8x3, 8x8x2, 6x6x3, 6x6x2, and many other dimensions. The smaller sizes might be more ideal for a child’s birthday cake or a small gathering of people. However the larger sizes are more suited for major events or for a larger cake when more guests are expected.

Buying aluminum square cake pans

When purchasing any type of cake pan, it is important to make sure it is made out of aluminum. This is the gold standard in the baking world and serves to ensure that the cake rises evenly with no bubbles or hot spots. Aluminum square cake pans are the ideal choice and they will yield moist delicious cakes that are just perfect for icing and decorating.

Decide on the right depth

In addition to choosing the right size of square cake pans, it is also helpful to choose based on the depth you will need. The depth you select will depend on how thick you want your cake to be. Thick, dense cakes will call for a particular type of batter while light and fluffy cakes will need different ingredients. This is also another component to keep in mind when choosing square cake pans.
With square cake pans, you will enjoy cakes that have perfectly straight edges and which look as amazing as you have envisioned.

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