Can Electronic Cigarettes Help You Break a Nicotine Addiction?

by | Oct 8, 2014 | Furniture, Shopping

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Mostly everyone knows someone who is trying to quit smoking, wants to quit smoking, or attempted to quit smoking but returned to smoking after only a short time of being away from cigarettes. The problem is that nicotine addiction is hard to break, no matter how much you want to abandon cigarettes. With the introduction of electronic cigarettes, die-hard smokers are finding that they can wean themselves off of strong nicotine addictions over time. This weaning process is made easier by using e-vapor cigarettes in place of traditional cigarettes. It’s easy to buy electronic cigarettes online and the number of flavors available for the vapors makes e-cigs the perfect alternative to traditional cigarettes.

You Choose the Nicotine Concentration

When you buy electronic cigarettes online at Mt Baker Vapor, you purchase not only the e-cig but also the flavored vapor and the nicotine juice. When you place an order for nicotine juice, you get to choose the concentration level of the nicotine. If you’ve recently quit smoking, you may be able to go with a lower concentration of nicotine like 18 or 12mg/ml. If you’re just experimenting with e-cigarettes, then you may choose to with the strongest level of nicotine at 24mg/ml to start.

Once you begin smoking electronic cigarettes regularly, you may begin playing with the levels of nicotine concentration to begin weaning off the higher dosage. Some users find that the flavors of the vapors are satisfying enough and will choose a lower dosage on their next batch of nicotine juice.

Creating a Nicotine Lowering Schedule

Using e-cigarettes helps to create a schedule for weaning off nicotine. You may want to order lower doses each month, giving your body time to adjust to the lower dosage. If you start at the strongest level, then the next month you buy electronic cigarettes online you purchase the next lower dosage of nicotine juice. As you continue to lower your dosage, you may notice that your body craves the nicotine less. Once you get to the lowest dosage, you may choose to alternate between 0mg and 6mg for a few months as your body adjusts to the loss of nicotine. Because smoking is often social, using e-cigarettes in place of traditional cigarettes allows you to reduce your nicotine addiction while still enjoying a smoke with friends.