Create an Elegantly Designed Cake with Silver Dragee Accents

by | Apr 27, 2015 | Food

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Cakes are meant to be tasty, fun, creative and of course, delicious but you can also have all of these elements with a touch of class. There are some occasions when an elegant cake is a must have for the event and nothing less will do. Occasions such as this can be easily accommodated with the help of silver dragees. They add style, a splash of art and elegance to the design of any cake that needs a hint of dazzle and prominent presentation. These are simple embellishments that really help to bring sophistication to the look of the cake. Add them to single or multi-tier cakes and instantly notice the difference in the charm of the creation. Dragees can magically evolve a simple cake into a beautiful masterpiece that catches the eye of every admirer in its presence.

A Silver Dragee Wedding Affair

One of the most common but highly effective practices is to enhance a wedding cake with edible decorations. Edible silver dragees wedding cakes are very practical but amazing in every sense of the word. They are solicited as the premier goddess of wedding décor. White frosted cakes immediately transform to a royal delight with the addition of silver dragees. Many specialty bakers are able to create wonderful magic on each layer with the use of this popular cake accessory. NY Cake sees a large quantity of orders for silver dragees and many customers order them in excess for convenient baking accommodation.

Bakers Choice for Décor

Every baker has their favorite supply such as cake stand, mixing bowl, cake pan and the list goes on. This is also true for the decorations they use to create their famous cakes and other desserts. Time is a great tool for experience and establishment of preference in regards to what works best and delivers the most. Many bakers have found that dragees are an essential decorator’s item that helps to create the elegance and prominence needed by any royal cake design. There are millions of ways to create a cake with bling. However, when the request or desire is for a piece of tradition, honorable display or elegance at its best, silver dragees always come out on top at NY Cake. The quality of the design is essential and the overall appearance must be captivating to the eye of the beholder. There is always a design of elegance to be found in silver dragees wedding cakes.