Duplication of music CDs/DVDs

by | Nov 4, 2011 | CDs/DVDs

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Music plays an important role because every expression is shown with some music. It makes people whole when they decide to traverse the rough road of life. Music CDs / DVDs have been available since decades and they are a savior for music lovers.

Store music in a lasting digital format
The format of music has changed a lot since time immemorial. Music lovers definitely know how music was stored since generations, the patterns etc. Several formats have evolved over the years. From music record to cassettes to CDs/DVDs music has definitely come a long way. The technology has advanced the process of storing music into multi-media digital format. Music is stored on such devices in the audio tracks formats. The audio files are stored in a CDA format and is available on music CDs/DVDs in various music stores. Most widely used music format is the CD-DA (audio) and the CD-ROM (computer data) in CD and DVD copying and printing.

The process of encoding data on CDs/DVDs is complex but if explained well will be understood by all. A single spiral track containing data exists on a CD. The track begins in the center of the disc moving outside and has bumps. If you compare a CD to DVD the storage capacity of the latter is more. There is a certain subcode data that is utilized to encode the laser position in the track and the song titles. Error-correcting codes are also present to avoid misreading of the bumps or errors. Interleaving of data is also done on disc of CDs/DVDs for it to recover easily from burst errors that are caused by scratches.

Duplication Music CDs/DVDs

Duplication Music CDs/DVDs