Enhance Your Walls With LED Wall Sconces

by | May 23, 2017 | Electrical

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Lighting doesn’t have to be just for ceilings. In fact, using the right types of sconces of interior and exterior lighting can create an interesting new look to a home or commercial building.

At the same time, LED wall sconces will also make walkways, stairways, and hallways safer. They provide natural looking light that can range from a warmer light color to a bright, cold color for maximum visibility.

Choosing the correct type of LED wall sconces for any application requires thinking ahead of the specific reason or reasons for the light. Is it for safety? Is the lighting primarily for curb appeal or appearance? Perhaps the lighting is needed to add focus or ambiance to a room. Each of these types of applications will require a different type and style of both the sconce and the LED light choice.

Interior Spaces

The addition of wall sconces in interior rooms or hallways is to provide ambient or accent lighting. This is lighting that creates a mood or draws the eye to a specific area or focus point in the room.

There is also the use of task lighting. These are wall sconces that feature LED lights to create a bright area of light for working, reading or completing some specific type of task or activity.

Smaller sconces are common for interior rooms. They may shine downward and be positioned higher on the wall or shine upwards and be placed at a lower level. Some even shine both up and down, creating two inverted triangle shapes.

Exterior Spaces

Typically with LED wall sconces for exterior spaces, the emphasis is on creating safety and visibility. However, by choosing a stylish sconce, they can also add ambiance and accent around doors, windows or outdoor living spaces.

With the outdoor styles of sconces, the same configurations are possible with the downward lighting important for safety and upward lighting more for accent.

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