Essentials for a Triathlon Event

by | Nov 26, 2014 | Furniture

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For many, a triathlon is a great way to test themselves. Participating in a strength sapping swim, a punishing bike ride, and then a grueling run can be difficult. You need a level of focus while you are in each different event not only to finish but to also to feel like you did your best. However, not having the right shoes, not having a good grip on your bike pedals, and being unable to see in the water will all ruin your focus. Utilize these tips so that you can better understand the items that you should bring with you and those that you should leave behind.

The Swimming Leg

When you are in the swimming leg of the race, the most important thing is stamina. This is the section of the race that will take the most from you if you let it. You need to have a suit that adheres to your body type as well as seals tightly in the right places so that water seepage does not slow down your swim. Bring along a good pair of goggles so you can see under the water in addition to a swim cap to keep your hair out of your face. Not being able to see well can really take a toll on your ability to complete the race. Make sure that you know the kind of water you are swimming in so that you can have a suit that will keep in your warmth or dissipate it. Choose either a tri suit or a wetsuit over this for this leg so that you can have the best advantage while swimming.

The Biking Leg

The biking leg is often one of the quickest events. This is an area where you may have a lot of gear. This is another event where you can shave precious seconds off your time. Make sure you have triathlon cycling shoes that have a decent grip and can slip easily on and off for the transition. You should have an excellent set of pedals, a good  helmet, sunglasses, and water bottle.

The Running Leg

This is the most arduous part of the triathlon because it is often the last part of the race. Therefore, you will have lost a lot of energy.  Now is the time where you must use your conditioning and your gear to take you to the end, meaning that you will need fewer supplies. Good running shoes are important, as are drifit socks to keep your feet dry while you run.

Maintaining focus is all about keeping yourself comfortable and strong. You will feel much better when you have all the necessary equipment at your disposal.