Find the Safest, Most Fitting Boys Playard in Green Bay, WI

by | Dec 17, 2019 | Shopping

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A boy’s playard is a safe way to keep your child comfortable in any environment. Whether you’re searching for the first time or have experience shopping for boys’ playards, you may want to consider the following information about these options that are available on

Some Categories to Consider when Searching for a Boys Playard in Green Bay, WI

There are a few broader categories you may want to consider when searching for the ideal boy’s playard in Green Bay WI. Some of these categories include specifications, recommended use, and design. The Nuna Cove Aire Napper has specifications of 40″L x 24.5″W x 30″H while open and 34.5″L x 14.5″W x 10″ D when closed. Its combined weight is 22 lbs. When researching descriptions, look for these specifications to decipher whether or not the item suits your needs. The playard’s recommended use will detail whether you can use the item as a play mat, bassinet, or napper. The design will detail the playard’s breathability, portability, and other features it may have due to how it is built.

More Points about the Design of Boys Playard from

When considering design, there are more unique features you’ll want to consider. These include draft limiting builds, machine washable and dryable capability, heat and humidity proofing, AAP compliance, and harnesses or incline features. Within the broader category of breathability, you may wish to purchase a playard that has mesh on all sides as opposed to only two. Color may be another important consideration you have; many of the boys’ playards have multiple color options available to you.

Determine which Brand You Prefer

There are a couple of brands that may stand out to you when searching for a boys playard on Lullabye Shop. Nuna is a brand that has different lines to choose from, like the Nuna Cove Aire and the Nuna Sena Aire. Another brand you may consider is Baby Delight. The brand also often influences the price of the item you are considering.

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