Florists promise to give you fresh flowers

by | Nov 1, 2011 | Gifts

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Anyone who goes to a florist always wants fresh flowers. A florist too wants their flowers to remain in a good condition for as long as possible. This is not just a necessity for adding value to the flowers they have but to make a really good impression. Flowers always bring joy to who ever receives them. So it is important that they remain beautiful and fragrant.

Water is crucial

Whenever the flowers are cut they need to be kept in water. This is because the inner fibres are still moist and this makes it easy for the water to reach the other parts of the flower. The passages can dry up and the flowers will wilt soon. So, every florist preserves the life of every flower and make sure they provide enough water.

Store at a cooler temperature

The temperature makes a lot of difference when it comes to preserving flowers. A florist always places flowers in water filled containers like vase in a space with a cool shade away. This reduces that water from evaporating and prevents the flowers from drying away. Some flowers can even be stored in open shelf refrigerators. One has to make sure the flowers do not get knocked off or crushed here.

Use only clean water

Just like other plants flowers need clean and pure water. One can use the clean household water too. There is no need for further purification. Also, by changing the water in the container every day you can preserve the life of your flowers. This will keep the petals soft.

Also, people often do not realise that fresh waters does not allow any fungus, bacteria and insects to flourish. These can otherwise deteriorate the conditions of your flowers. A florist understands this and takes all the necessary steps.