For Green Bay, WI, Parents, It’s About Protecting Your Little Packer

by | Mar 20, 2020 | Shopping

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Hospitals require a professionally installed infant car seat in Green Bay, WI, before you can take your baby home.

Type of Car Seat

You can choose a rear-facing infant seat or a convertible car seat. The infant car seat is portable, clips onto strollers, and easy to install and remove. The convertible car seat is used as a rear-facing car seat for infants, forward-facing seat for toddlers, and some can even be converted to booster seats for older children. It is heavier and more permanently attached in your vehicle than an infant car seat.

Keeping Your Baby Safe

The car seat needs to be the correct size and installed tightly with less than an inch of movement. The harness straps should be at or below your baby’s shoulder and tight enough that you can’t pinch the straps. The seat needs to recline enough that your baby’s head can’t fall forward. Have the seat checked by an expert.

Important Features to Consider

A 5-point harness that is easy to reach and adjusts easily keeps your baby properly positioned and spreads the effects of impacts better. The best seats have side-impact protection and a “no-rethread harness” with buttons and buckles that you, but not your child, can easily open and close.

Check the owners’ manual to determine compatibility with your car. For taxis and rideshares, you need a car seat that is easily installed with a safety belt, includes a taxi-safe belt path and a built-in lock-off device that holds the seat belt so it can’t loosen. An easy-reach LATCH tightener and a bubble level indicator help more easily place the car seat.

For easy cleaning, look for smooth, water-resistant fabrics that can be wiped clean and a removable, machine-washable cover.

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