From Recipes to Square and Round Cake Pans: Top Baking Tips to Know

by | Jan 19, 2018 | Shopping

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It’s easy to love cake. It’s often sinful, delish and perfect. If you know how to bake cakes but can’t seem to get them right, here are top tips for you:

Invest in your pans

If you’re using cheap or shoddily-made pans, that could be one reason why your cakes aren’t turning out as fabulous-looking as you want them to be. Invest in your tools, equipment and supplies. That includes shopping and scouting around for better pans. Give grade-A anodized aluminum round cake pans a try, for instance. It conducts heat better and steadily so your cake will rise even and flat. With its features, this pan could completely change the game for you.

Do your research

Don’t run headlong into a bad decision. Do your research. Know what you want out of your pan. That way, you can shop for better options and choices. Make sure you factor in your needs as well.

Consider other pan types

If you want versatility in your cakes, you might want to stock up on square pans as well. This one isn’t just ideal for sheet cakes, it works with gingerbread and brownies as well. You could also use it as a small roasting pan.

Know the conversions

Learn to convert instructions for different cake tins. That way, you won’t run into trouble if you find a recipe for only square cake tins or round ones. One tip, though: for any given recipe, it’s best to go for a round cake tin that’s one size bigger than a square tin.

Read it carefully

Make sure you read the recipe carefully, says Serious Eats. That’s going to help you shop for the right pans. Whether you go for square or anodized aluminum round cake pans, following the recipe to a T will help you get the results you want.