From The Ocean To A Cake

by | May 21, 2019 | Shopping

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A fun and creative design idea for cakes is a mermaid. Aside from the traditional colors of green and blue that are often seen on mermaids, there are a few fun ideas to consider as well. Unless you know how to draw a mermaid or you know how to cut the shape out of cake, it’s often best if you use mermaid molds when baking so that you get the shape that you want. An idea would be to use cupcakes to create the body of the mermaid if you don’t want to make an entire cake. You would then decorate the cupcakes in sections to represent her body and her fins.

Combine the elements of the ocean with the mermaid you design by positioning her on top of a mound of sand that is really a round cake decorated with crushed graham crackers. A doll can be positioned in the center of the cake with icing flowing around the front of the cake to look like her fins. Other details of the cake include seashells and animals seen in the ocean.

Using mermaid molds is often the easiest way to make a simple cake. You can then add any detail that you want to the cake along with any colors that the person would like who is receiving the cake. Some of the design features that you can incorporate include a pearl necklace and other pieces of jewelry. Try to use some of the things that the person would wear or enjoy seeing on a mermaid on the cake as this will bring a bit of personality to the design. By making the mermaid sit up on the cake, it brings the piece to life instead of leaving her flat on the cake. You want to use a sturdy cake as well so that you can easily work with the structure of the display.