Gifts of Custom Jewelry Reston

by | Sep 21, 2012 | Jewelry

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There are very few occasions and events in life for which jewelry is not an appropriate and highly appreciated gift for a person that you love. While there are, of course, the obvious ones: engagement, wedding, anniversary, there are many other occasions for which a gift of custom jewelry would make a major impact.

Custom jewelry is obviously a gift that is a little bit more of an undertaking than a piece of jewelry that you see already created in a display case and just purchase. While pre-made jewelry is extremely beautiful and can be quite meaningful to the person who receives it, a piece of custom jewelry just adds another spark of personalization and depth.

Here are some ideas for creative ways to bestow a gift of custom jewelry on a loved one:

  • The stocking is often a forgotten piece of Christmas morning. This year, among the Christmas candy and silly trinkets, tuck a box with a custom-designed necklace. It will be a truly amazing surprise when she stumbles upon this hidden treasure.
  • Your loved one is a complete original. Make sure she knows that by offering her a custom designed piece of jewelry for her birthday, and include a note that explains to her why that piece was designed specifically for her.
  • Your daughter is going to spend the early part of her life looking for her husband. There’s no reason you can’t let her know that you were the first man to love her and that you will always love her by designing a piece of jewelry for her sweet sixteen.
  • If Alice could have an unbirthday, why can’t you have an “unanniversary”? Pick a random day that has nothing to do with any special occasion or event and declare that your unanniversary. This is a special day just to celebrate being together. Mark it with a custom designed ring that can be worn with or instead of her original engagement ring.

When it comes to shopping for custom jewelry, Reston shoppers can take advantage of the exemplary customer service and full range of services—including jewelry design—offered by Princess Jewelers. Here the professionals will help you to develop the piece that really means something to you and will have a major impact on the person to whom you give the gift.