Gold Versus Platinum in Custom Jewelry

by | Jul 22, 2015 | Jewelry

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When you are considering Custom Jewelry, one of your big decisions is the metal type. Gold and platinum are the most popular metals for wedding rings as well as for most other types of Custom Jewelry. Each of these two metals is uniquely beautiful, but they are quite similar in many ways. Perhaps the most obvious difference between gold and platinum jewelry is the color. Traditional yellow gold is a buttery yellow color, with the purest of gold being the most yellow in appearance. White gold is silvery white in color because it is made of yellow gold as well as alloys. Atop these metals is a rhodium plating that adds to the shiny appearance.

Platinum looks quite similar to white gold, but there is one key difference. Over time, a white gold ring will end up having a yellowish appearance when the rhodium plating wears away. Platinum, on the other hand, is white all the way through, and it will never change color. If you have a white gold ring that fades into yellow, you can have the rhodium reapplied to help it regain its former appearance.

Another huge difference between Platinum & Gold Jewelry is that platinum is more durable than gold is. Platinum can withstand more, and it is a great choice for someone who puts their ring through a lot of wear every day. The prongs that hold stones in the ring need to be very strong to provide the best security for the precious stone. Platinum prongs give you the best chance of keeping those stones secure because they won’t bend or break.

Gold scratches more easily than platinum. This is especially true with the purest types of gold. For example, 24 karats and 22 karat gold are so soft that they are very rarely even used in jewelry. They bend and scratch so easily that these metals require extreme care. The less pure kinds of gold. For example, 14 karat gold and 10 karat gold are more durable than pure gold but are still quite a bit less durable than platinum.

The price of platinum is quite a bit higher than that of gold, but platinum does have some significant benefits. The best way to choose between the two is to talk to your jewelry about your personal needs and lifestyle. They can help you find the ideal ring! Visit Youtube channel to see custom design jewelry.