Handy Tips to Help You Shop for Cake Pans

by | Nov 1, 2018 | Shopping

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Running a business is hard. If you’re trying to get your online bakery or physical shop up and running, one of the first things you need to do is invest in the right baking tools. That includes buying grade-A round cake pans. If you’re shopping around to outfit your bakery’s kitchen, here are a few tips you should know.

Go for quality pans

There’s a huge difference between professional cake pans and discount options. If you started with discount ones for your baking experiments, then you’re probably ready to upgrade to better ones now. If you want your business to grow and succeed, you’ll need to improve product quality. And buying better quality pans will help make that happen.

Check the sides

Professional style round cake pans will have nice and high sides. That’s going to be a complete departure from cheap discount pans that have tapered sides. You’ll want the ones with straight sides to make it easier for you to work on the cakes.

Consider the material

Look for top quality aluminum pans to give you the non-stick baking performance you want. However, make sure you go for uncoated pans for less stress and misery. Non-stick pans, no matter how well-made, will eventually get scraped up. The coat will peel eventually. Uncoated pans, on the other hand, can last you many, many years, so long as you take good care of them. Also, aluminum pans are resistant to rust so you won’t have to worry about their non-stick performance even if the surface is scratched.

Read reviews and recommendations

Ask around. Find out what pans other bakers love. What baking pans do they have in their kitchens? Which ones can’t they live without? Those recommendations will help you work out the best of the bunch so you know what to look for when you shop at NY Cake.