How to Choose the Right Mastectomy Breast Form Shape for your Body

by | Feb 8, 2019 | Shopping

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After a mastectomy, many women choose not to undergo reconstructive surgery but still want to retain symmetry and balance. An excellent alternative to reconstructive surgery is to wear breast forms.

There is a vast range of fantastic breast forms on the market that offer a realistic feel and can help you feel more comfortable in your clothes, but it can be difficult to know which breast forms are suitable for your body. To help you choose the right breast forms for your body type, here is a helpful guide to the types and shapes of breast forms available.

Types of Breast Forms

* Silicone

The most popular style of breast form is the silicone form. Silicone forms are designed to mimic the weight and movement of natural breasts. They are typically a medical grade silicone shell filled with either silicone gel, fiberfill or fleece depending on the weight you need.

* Non-silicone

Non-silicone breast forms are typically foam covered in fabric and are ultra-lightweight forms that are best suited for leisure activities or for wearing while sleeping.

* Partials and shapers

Partials and shapers are smaller sized forms which are designed to add volume to remaining breast tissue after a lumpectomy or partial mastectomy.

* Swim forms

Swim forms are silicone forms specifically designed for use in the water and feature ribbed backing to allow water and air flow to speed up drying and prevent skin irritation.

Breast form shapes

Breast forms come in two general shapes: teardrop and triangle. These two shapes come in different variations, such as symmetrical and asymmetrical, which are designed to accommodate different body types.

* Teardrop

Teardrop shaped breast forms are among the most popular styles of breast form as the tapered end can be angled to alter the shape and placement of the volume, while the rounded end gives you a natural feminine shape.

Teardrop shaped breast forms are suitable for women who have had a significant amount of breast tissue removed. It is also the most versatile type of shape and offers the most comfortable fit.

* Triangle

While the teardrop shape aims for a more natural look, the triangle shape is more suitable for women who want better projection and increased chest volume. They are typically preferred by women who have more remaining breast tissue. Triangle breast forms are also better suited to women who have a wider chest wall and fit best when worn inside a pocketed mastectomy bra.

One of the most popular models of triangle shaped breast forms is the Classic Triangle Air silicone prosthesis by American Breast Care which has the additional feature of being incredibly lightweight.

Final thoughts

The key to finding the perfect fitting form is to go for a professional fitting. Many providers of mastectomy products offer discreet fitting services from certified fitters who will take accurate measurements to determine the ideal shape and size form for your body. They can also recommend where to find breast forms such as the classic triangle air silicone prosthesis for sale, and fit you for a mastectomy bra at the same time so you can feel comfortable with your body again.