How to Clean Body Piercings Rings

by | Mar 21, 2017 | Jewelry, Shopping

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Body piercing is a part of beauty in modern day. However, the piercing can pose harm if the body piercing rings are not cleaned. Dirty piercing rings can lead to infections and allergies, especially if the piercing is in a sensitive place or is in a place where dust or dirt collects. This can lead to inflammation around the area. To avoid the pain, use either of the following ways to sterilize the body piercing rings;

Peroxide or alcohol – Dip your new or old jewelry in alcohol or peroxide for ten minutes than remove it and clean it. This method is not the most effective, but it can help to remove grime. Make sure you clean the jewelry well to avoid irritation when you put it on.

Antibacterial soap and Warm water – Use this method for new jewelry or used jewelry to get body piercing rings shiny and clean. Add some antibacterial soap to warm water then dip your rings for five to ten minutes. Take caution not to use soap with fragrances or harsh chemicals.

Steam method – Get a pan of water and heat the water. The water should not be boiling, but it should be hot. Place your jewelry in the water for around 45 minutes. After the time is up remove the jewelry and dry it well before wearing it.

Boiling water – The method is 99% effective as it sterilizes and disinfects your rings. Dip the rings in the water and allow them to boil for 15-20 minutes. Place them on a towel and pat them dry. Let them air dry completely before wearing.

Hygiene is important, so you must always keep your piercing rings clean. If your rings are not cleaned often, you could end up getting an infection or have other problems with redness and irritation.