Let Your Tongue Do the Talking

by | Oct 5, 2017 | Jewelry, Shopping

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The tongue is an extraordinary organ; it is inundated with both harmful and helpful bacteria every day and still manages to be one of the fastest healing organs in the human body. The tongue allows us to chew our food, make specific sounds which form words in a myriad of languages, and even show a little bit of sassy attitude… if one is equipped with the proper jewelry. So what do you say are you ready to step in to the wild and wonderful world of tongue piercing?

Why Not be a Little Discreetly Sassy?

Tongue piercings have some of the most unique options available, you can choose from tongue ring barbells, titanium barbells in practically any hue you can think of, and there are even tongue rings with vibrating ends. The options are almost limitless when choosing the tongue ring that best suits you. What’s more, the tongue ring is really the most discreet facial piercing there is. Unlike other facial adornments, tongue rings are fairly hard to see by observers. Once your tongue piercing is fully healed most people, coworkers and family members that lean more on the conservative side won’t even realize you have gotten one. As far as jewelry goes tongue ring barbells have some of the most wide-ranging choices.

Let Your Tongue Express Your Mood

Tongue rings come in a variety of combinations from colorful and witty, to explicit and cutesy designs there is sure to be a something for everyone and every mood. Creating your own tongue jewelry collection can be the most rewarding aspect of having your tongue pierced. Each day you can choose a different color, clever saying, or style that best suits how you are feeling in the moment. If you are interested in seeing some of these colorful and expressive tongue rings for yourself, check out companies like Body Jewelry. They have an abundance of quality pieces to choose from at prices one can easily afford.