Make amazing fondant with a fondant rolling pin

by | Oct 13, 2017 | Shopping

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A fondant rolling pin is similar to a regular rolling pin except that it is lighter and easier to maneuver. When making fondant, this simple tool can work wonders to ensure that the fondant looks just as you want it to. The rolling pin allows you to control the thickness of the fondant for more even placement on the cake. If you are wondering how to get your fondant to look like the professionals, then you will want to invest in a fondant rolling pin for the best results.

Selecting your first fondant rolling pin

If you have never chosen a fondant rolling pin before, you may be uncertain of what to look for. A fondant rolling pin is a basic roller that is constructed using food-safe plastic. The roller is a smooth and seamless material that is non-stick so that you can roll out the fondant easily with no hassles. The end result is a smooth layer of fondant that looks simply amazing atop your cakes. When you are trying to give your cake an amazing professional look, you will find that the fondant rolling pin creates the perfect look for your cakes.

Using the guide rings

Some new bakers are confused by the guide rings on the fondant rolling pin. These guide rings allow you to choose how thick you would like your fondant to be. They allow you to roll out the fondant to one consistent thickness so that it can be smooth and even for the perfect look. The guides are available in different sizes and are thick, sturdy, rubber rings that are affixed to the side of the fondant rolling pin.

Other uses for the fondant rolling pin

There are many other uses for the fondant rolling in addition to just rolling out fondant. You can also use the fondant rolling pin for gumpaste as well as for working with modeling chocolate. This handy cake decorating tool will be indispensable when it comes to getting the most consistent results for your cake decorating efforts.

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