Make perfect fondant designs with an alphabet silicone mold

by | Mar 21, 2017 | Shopping

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Are you looking for fresh and creative ways to decorate cookies and cakes for kids? Everyone loves the look of alphabet letters and with an alphabet silicone mold, this look becomes so much easier. Instead of trying to cut and form the pieces of fondant by hand, you can instead use a mold to shape the letters quickly. Then you can position the letters on your finished cake in any design you choose for a wonderfully decorated treat that everyone is sure to love.

Choosing the best silicone mold

Before you can begin making lovely decorations, you will first need to purchase the right alphabet silicone mold. You can find these at most baking supply stores and they are usually very reasonably priced. You can choose the alphabet silicone mold that has been FDA approved and is highly rated by other baking professionals. Once you have your mold, you will be well on your way to creating perfect fondant designs.

Selecting your fondant

After buying your alphabet silicone mold, you will then want to move on to choosing the fondant that you want to use. You can be sure to select just the right colored fondant that matches your creation. If you are doing yellow and black stripes like a bumble bee design, then you will want to get white fondant so that the alphabet letters stand out on top. This would be a wonderful cake design for something like a spelling bee congratulations cake.

Create stunning designs quickly

One of the advantages of using alphabet silicone molds is that they can be used to create beautiful and stunning designs very quickly. You can let everyone think that you crafted each letter by hand and no one needs to know your baking secret.

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