Making the Right Selection for Your Above Ground Swimming Pool Pumps

by | Apr 18, 2013 | Shopping

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Pumps help you facilitate water movement in various applications. For the above ground swimming pool pumps type, one common application is the use of filters. The pumps are installed with filter systems that allow you to purchase both for the price of one. This will help if you’re on a budget and you want the pumping power of your machine and filter your pool at the same time. But, what kind of pump are you actually looking for? Here’s an insight on the things you need to know when selecting the right pump for your swimming pool.

Size or Horsepower of Your Pump

Your pump’s size can be determined via the height of your given pool. For pools up to 24 feet, you would use a 1 horsepower pump. But, for those above 24ft, you’d definitely go for a 1.5 horsepower pump. These are the basic sizes for above ground swimming pool pumps that most manufactures abide by. The main reason why the ranges are just 1 and 1.5 is due to the fact that too much power may result in the water being pushed too quickly for proper purification to occur. This isn’t good news for your pool, so make sure you stick to the basic rule of thumb of size determination.

Selecting the Filter type for your Pump

For one of the above ground swimming pool pumps of choice, it is time to select the right filter system you will utilize. It actually depends on the kind of filtration you would need because there are various models made to fit whatever horsepower pump you select based on the height requirement. The three general types of filter systems are the sand filters, the cartridge, and the diatomaceous earth. The sand filter is the most economic because of its convenient use and cheap installation, but it requires constant backwashing, which can be quite a pain to maintain. The other two offer better filtration, but they’re more expensive. However, if you want easy maintenance, go for the cartridge type because of the ease in replacement; however, the cartridges can get expensive.

The important thing is that you have the right pump to facilitate your filtration. With the pump that is tailored to fit your water needs, purification can be done quite effectively and smoothly, especially once the conditions are properly met.

Determining what above ground swimming pool pumps works for you depends on certain factors. Check out the website to really get to know what kind of pump you deserve.

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