Maybe You Can’t Play It; But, That Old Guitar Can Make Money For You In Chicagoland

by | Aug 12, 2015 | Jewelry

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People end up owning musical instruments for quite a number of diverse reasons. Of course, the most obvious one being that they would like to play them. Maybe they are already an accomplished player; or, they might be a complete novice wishing to learn how to play.

Selling When Nearly New

However, some people can never master an instrument and quickly give up and then try to sell the instrument to get something back on their investment. In most cases, the instrument they first purchased was quite expensive but probably nothing special or collectable. Furthermore, it was probably mass produced rather than hand crafted; so its second hand value is likely to be much less than its original selling price. Nevertheless, the failed musician should be able to recoup some of the cash that they laid out.

Selling After You Have Learned How To Play It

If you are one of the lucky ones who actually masters how to play; you may well reach a point where you find that your original instrument is beginning to hold you back. Maybe you purchased an acoustic type and now feel that you should go electric; maybe yours only has 6 strings and you now want 12; maybe you feel that bass would be your forte; or, possibly, you simply feel that your musical quality would improve if played on a better quality instrument. Whatever the reason; you face 3 choices; buy something else and keep the original; trade your original in for what you now want; or sell the original on the open market.

The Most Profitable Time To Sell

This applies to anyone who finds themselves with an instrument to sell. To command a high price from a Chicago Guitar Buyer; you need to be selling one that is either considered a collectable one; or, one that has been owned and played by somebody that the music world considers famous. Of course, you have to be able to demonstrate your veracity on either of these counts and a greater value will attach to one that meets both criteria.

Selling In Any Of The Above Categories

Private advertizing and a direct sale will often produce the best results; assuming you know exactly what you are selling; have an approximate idea of its realistic value and can actually find a buyer. However, for many of us, it might be better to sell through the secondhand instrument trade. This might be a music shop; or a pawn shop; but, you might be pleasantly surprised if you look for a Chicago Guitar Buyer at a place like the Chicago Gold Gallery.