Mother of the Bride’s Dresses

by | Oct 2, 2014 | Furniture

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It’s the bride’s big day, but Mother has to have a dress too. What is a mother of the bride dress, and what should it look like? There is an etiquette to the mother of the bride, and there are a few guidelines to her dress. Usually, Mom is helping with the wedding plans and making sure the daughter is well taken care of, so she may be so busy that she forgets that she needs a dress herself.

The First Don’t

Do not forget the mother of the bride! Choosing a dress takes time. There is much to consider when preparing to purchase the dress. The mother’s dress should complement the bride, and therefore it may not be as easy to find just the right color and style. Enough time should be given to truly consider the dress that the mother wants within the style parameters.

The First Do

Traditionally, it is the mother of the bride that purchases her dress first. Her choice will set the stage for the mother of the groom. Sometimes, this can present a problem because it all depends on the relationship of the two families and may lead to competition between the mothers. The mother’s choice must still consider if the daughter has a particular color or style that she wants her mother to wear. The bride may also want the mother’s dress to coordinate with the bridesmaids, although this is not typical or traditional.

Does the Mother of the Bride’s Dress Have to Be Fancy?

Mother of the bride’s dresses can be flexible. The dress should be appropriate for the time of day, yet should be comfortable and elegant. Most of the people in the wedding party and attending the ceremony will be well-dressed. Therefore, the bride’s mother does not want to bring undue attention to herself and be underdressed or overdressed. If the mother is comfortable with a dress that is a little sexy and she has a jacket to cover her shoulders when necessary, this is acceptable. The general trend for mother of the bride’s dresses is moving towards a more modern style and away from the traditional.

From the Bride to the Mother

To help guide the mother of the bride’s dress choices, the bride should give her instructions regarding her thoughts on dress.

* The bride can set limits such as straps or strapless dresses, the length of the dress, and the neckline.

* The bride confirms that both mothers must complement each other; therefore, one cannot wear a long dress and the other a short one.

* The bride should decide whether or not black is an acceptable color. Traditionally, black is not worn at weddings, but current trends are bringing black into the wedding party.

Choosing the mother of the bride’s dress should go smoothly if you follow these guidelines.