Selecting the Best Romper for Your Body Type

by | Mar 7, 2018 | Shopping

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Every woman is different, which is why dressing for your body type is important. With fashion styles that come and go with the seasons, it can be challenging to choose an outfit that is both in style and tailored to your specific body type.

The short sleeve romper for women is one of those current trends where your choices can make a huge impact on how your outfit is perceived by others. Let’s look at the best choice for different body types.

Apple Shape

You are apple shaped if your hips and bust are narrower than your waistline. Some examples of women with this body shape include Drew Barrymore and Eva Longoria. This type of body often comes with slim and shapely legs, which you may want to show off. The best romper for this body type is one without please or loud patterns. A double-layered top can also look amazing.

Banana Shape

Also called straight shape, the banana body type is one that has lots of straight lines. Think of the body type that Natalie Portman or Hilary Swank has to see an example. V-necked rompers can look great on this body type, especially if they include darts at the waist. Including a belt for a waist cinching accessory also plays well with this body type.

Pear Shape

The pear shape was once considered the last attractive, but times have certainly changed. Beyoncé and Rihanna are examples of this body type that features ample hips and buttocks with a smaller bust and shoulder. Strapless rompers pair well with this body type and show off your neck and shoulders. You may want to choose a size larger in rompers to ensure the material has allowance for the curves of your backside.

Hourglass Shape

The hourglass shape is probably the most well-known of the four listed here. This type features full hips and bust with a narrow waist. Salma Hayek and Scarlett Johansson are excellent examples of this shape. You’ll want to avoid loose or oversized rompers because they conceal your silhouette. Instead, a structured romper can work well and will show off all your natural curves.

Short Sleeve Rompers for Women

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