The Best Fashion Jewelry Sets For Your Bridal Party

by | Jun 29, 2016 | Jewelry

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A jewelry set is one of the most popular, and most appreciated, bridesmaid’s gifts given during wedding season. It helps to ensure that all your bridesmaids have a similar look, and that they don’t individually choose jewelry items that will detract from the dress or clash with the overall tone and theme of your wedding. In addition, they are usually items your friends will appreciate and be able to wear to other special occasions throughout their lives, making it a gift that will continue to give. While the decision to give a jewelry set as your bridesmaid gift is an easy one, figuring out exactly which type to give can be much trickier. Here are just a few of the best fashion jewelry sets for your bridal party.


Jewelry sets containing pearls have seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years, thanks to their simple yet elegant nature and their versatility. Pearls compliment just about any color and style, making them an excellent choice for a bridal party jewelry set. Even the most ornate or fancy bridesmaid’s dress will be complimented by a single strand of pearls accompanied by matching earrings. Studs are a great choice for earrings, as are simple drop earrings containing a single pearl.

Simple Diamonds or Other Gems

The flashiest set should be reserved for the bride, but there are still diamond necklaces and earrings that are well suited to bridesmaids. If cost is a concern, you can even opt for a cheaper alternative, and look for cubic or other more inexpensive gems. They contain just as much sparkle and shine, but without the high price tag.

Timeless In Nature

If ensuring that your bridesmaids will be able to wear these sets again and again throughout their lives, try to aim for something that is timeless, rather than in keeping with the trend of the moment.