The end times prophecy – what they didn’t tell you

by | Dec 5, 2016 | Books

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Whether you are an avid religious follower or a student of the truth, end times prophecy may be a subject that is interesting to you. As we move further into this century people begin to wonder whether or not the end times prophecy will come to pass. It is essential to have a thorough understanding of exactly what the end times prophecy portends as well as comparing that with other research into the truth of the Bible translations. With a comprehensive approach you’ll be able to glean the truth from fiction when you research what the end times prophecy is really all about.

The old fire-and-brimstone prophecy

The end times prophecy is a subject that has fascinated people for Millennia. The Book of Revelations speaks extensively of Jesus’s second coming as well as going into detail about fire and brimstone prophecies that will occur in the future. Many pastors who read the old interpretation of this book warn others that they need to repent of their sins if they want to be saved. They tell their followers that if they do not do as Jesus tells them they will be burned in a fire and will never reach heaven. However what if the Bible was not speaking of the end of the world but instead, the end of an age? This puts everything in a whole new perspective.

The end of an age not the end of the world makes more sense

Once we look in depth into the translation of the Bible as it is given to us, we can see that Jesus foretells of the end of an age instead of the end of an actual physical planet. This interpretation makes a lot more sense for those who believe in a kind, just, and caring God. Fear mongers and those who would like to control the population with falsities have embraced the former translation as a means of manipulation. However for those seeking the truth, there is a simpler explanation that puts everything into a whole new light.

Bamboozled Believers is a book written by Michael Biehler which discusses the end times prophecy in detail.