The Evolution of the Skirt

by | May 6, 2016 | Shopping

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The skirt is a staple in the closets of many women, allowing them to add a touch of femininity to any outfit. Women today can pair a skirt with a button-up blouse, a t-shirt, or a snug sweater. However, the skirts that are available through a variety of designers today would not be the way they are without the inspiration of vintage skirts and fashion in history.

Origins of the Skirt

Originally, a skirt was not intended for woman at all, with most wearers being male and Scottish. Once women adapted this style for themselves, a skirt was worn as a mark of modesty. Most designs would reach down to the floor, covering up as much skin as possible. Skirts were also worn to show a woman’s financial standing, since fabric was expensive until the Industrial Revolution. The skirt would emphasize the waist, offering more room in the hips. However, once the 19th century came around, designers of skirts decided to start changing the look.

19th and 20th Century Changes

In the 19th century, the skirt began evolving, becoming more streamlined to the body. By the 20th century, vintage skirts started to lose their length, making them easier to wear while working around the home and in clothing production factories. While the hem of the skirt started at the ankles, the functional side of fashion slowly shortened to the calf-length, then as short as knee-level by the 1960s, when pinup style was at its prime.

The Mini Skirt

The miniskirt earned popularity in the 1960s, becoming a staple for women who wanted a classic pinup style. Even at prestigious awards shows at the time, women could be seen walking the red carpet in a miniskirt that only would reach the middle of their thighs. This style peaked in “Swinging London” in the 1960s, and the trend stuck around. Miniskirts began to pop up in daily fashion, rather than being reserved for sporting events and dance competitions.


Skirts today have reach such a level of shortness, that many companies produce matching undergarments to maintain the look of the skirt. Some cultures even wear their skirts short enough to be able to show off their underwear. While some women prefer to maintain a little bit of modesty with the use of leggings or tights, other women have decided to follow one of the latest trends, known descriptively as a “belt skirt.”
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