The Four Men’s Jeans Styles and when to Wear Each

by | Aug 4, 2015 | Shopping

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Jeans are one of the most versatile types of men’s clothing. However, men’s jeans are often overused. Many men tend to wear the same style, or maybe even the same pair, regardless of the situation. The truth is, you can use jeans to accomplish a number of styles that suit every situation you’re likely to encounter. Whether you’re working, or out to dinner with friends, this guide will help you to understand what kinds of men’s jeans you should have, and when to wear them.

Dark Wash Jeans

Blue jeans are quite possibly the most overused item in any man or woman’s wardrobe. Many mistakenly assume that blue jeans go with any type of outfit. That’s really not true, however. Just by introducing dark jeans into your wardrobe, you can make a dramatic change in your style and take your wardrobe to the next level. Dark wash jeans look fantastic with casual outfits, but also work for occasions where you want to look a bit dressier. Pair your dark wash jeans with a t-shirt and sports jacket, and you’ll be ready for a night out on the town. Pair them with an oxford button down shirt and a sweater and you’ll be ready for work.

Light Wash Jeans

This is the perfect type of jeans for many casual events. Don’t try to make light wash jeans a part of a dressier outfit. It just won’t work. Instead, use these jeans for casual outdoor events. Going to a ballgame? This is the perfect jean to wear. They’re also great for barbecues and camping. Pair these with a plain white t-shirt or a graphic t-shirt along with sneakers and you’ll be set. You might even wear your favorite baseball cap.

White or Grey Wash Jeans

Don’t confuse white wash or grey wash jeans with light wash jeans. They’re different, and should be used for completely different situations. While light wash blue jeans are great for casual outdoor events, white and grey wash jeans are better for slightly less casual events. White wash jeans are great for casual Fridays at the office, for instance. Pair these with a polo and some stylish casual shoes. Grey wash jeans can be used for similar scenarios. It’s not all that important what colors to use in the remaining pieces of your outfit, just make sure that your shirt isn’t exactly the same color as your jeans. It’s probably best to avoid wearing a blue denim shirt with these jeans too.

All in all, jeans can be a powerful and flexible piece of your wardrobe. Initially, it might be difficult to get comfortable wearing different kinds of jeans than you’re used to, but this will really help take your style to the next level.