The History of Filtered Cigars

by | Oct 22, 2021 | Shopping

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For many years cigars and cigarettes have been made with and without filters. Before the 1950s, cigarettes and cigars were only made without the filter included. Back then there were no known health risks that came with smoking so they were not considered to be a danger to smokers. As time passed experts discovered that cigars and cigarettes were both linked to lung cancer. The filter was then created as a means to settle down the public concern when it came to cigars, cigarettes, and cancer.

What a Filter Does

The purpose of a filter on a cigar or is to decrease the amount of tar and nicotine that is consumed. When you smoke a cigarette or a cigar the smoke flows through the cigar and into your lungs and mouth. The idea behind the filter is that it decreases the amount of smoke that is inhaled which in turn decreases the risk of cancer.

Filtered Cigars

Some cigar smokers prefer the filtered cigar over an unfiltered one. Much of it depends on what your tolerance is for a higher amount of smoke and flavor. There are some people who believe that filtered do decrease the level of the smoke and the potential for cancer while others do not consider it to be an issue to keep them from smoking unfiltered cigars.

There are a lot of benefits to smoking filtered cigars. They are also called little cigars which makes them easy for you to take on the go with you wherever life takes you. It is difficult to take large cigars with you when you go to work. A filtered cigar is not much bigger than a cigarette and comes in a pack that you can keep in your purse or pocket.

They come in a number of different flavors so you can choose a different one for whatever mood you are in. They are also much more affordable than any other cigar so you can purchase multiple packs and have them ready for you wherever you go.


Regardless if you prefer filtered little cigars or unfiltered cigars there are so many to choose from that you may need some assistance doing so. You can purchase filtered little cigars online or in a local shop. There are a lot of different styles and flavors available and the experts who work there may be able to help you find the perfect flavor for you.

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