by | Jun 28, 2021 | Jewelry

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Countless people take their gold jewelry and head to a buyer without actually knowing what to expect from the transaction. They think they can simply get some money and go. While this may be essentially true, there are some things you should know before deciding to sell. Gold jewelry buyers in Jacksonville FL are not all the same.

Get The Most

One item may be worth more as jewelry than to sell it just for the gold content. Premier Jewelers in Jacksonville FL will give you the current value of the gold for old broken and damaged jewelry. While most pawn shops and jewelry stores won’t give you any money for the stones if you have a diamond ring Premier Jewelers will give you the best price for the diamonds as well. If your diamond is half a carat or more for just the one diamond, these are the diamonds they are looking for the most. If the design is in demand they may give you more since they would be able to resell it quickly.

Not Only Jewelry is Accepted

Many head to a jewelry buyer with only jewelry in hand. In many cases, a gold jewelry buyer will offer cash for other types of gold as well. Sellers can bring in gold necklaces, rings, bracelets, watches, and even coins and gold fillings. There are some appliances made of gold that can be sold as well. It is best to check with the shop to determine which items are accommodated and bring in everything that fits the bill.

Silver Works as Well

Gold is not the only thing jewelry buyers accept. Most will offer cash for silver items as well. While silver isn’t worth quite as much as gold per ounce, you can still get quite a bit of money if you have a larger amount of weight for silver items. This does not only mean jewelry, but also coins and other things like flatware that is made of silver as well. There is a large variety of items that a jewelry buyer accepts.

People looking for Jewelry Buyers in Jacksonville FL should go see Premier Jewelers about getting the best price. They will receive a good deal for what they are selling. They not only accept gold jewelry, but also other types of golds, and even silver. People with coins, watches, silver flatware and more can visit Premier Jewelers to see how much all of it is worth.