Top Quality Wholesale Diamonds Available in Atlanta

by | Aug 26, 2016 | Furniture

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Are you looking for a premium source of exceptional diamonds in the Atlanta area?  We supply high grade loose diamonds to discerning customers in and around the city.  Ideal for jewelry makers or those who want to convert their wealth into a durable commodity that can be easily traded; our diamonds are among some of the finest you’re likely to come across.  If you want to enjoy attentive, knowledgeable service and access to fine stones which are ethically sourced, it’s time to visit us at our Atlanta store.

We Only Pick From the Very Best Diamonds

Before we purchase a diamond, we assess it carefully for characteristics such as brilliance, performance and value.  We’re aware of the fact that two diamonds may have exactly the same certification and yet one can be significantly better than the other.  Our rigorous standards when it comes to high quality diamonds means that we usually end up selecting our stock from the top 10% of all diamonds mined.  When you buy from us, you can be confident of enjoying exquisite diamonds that have all been hand-picked.

Knowledgeable Staff is Here to Help

Every member of our team has undergone extensive education in diamond valuing, selection and uses.  Skilled in customer service and committed to ensuring that every client gets the top quality treatment they deserve, we see our interaction with you as a chance to inform and delight you with our superb selection of loose diamonds.

Proud to Serve the Atlanta Area

Our company is a well-established diamond wholesaler and retailer, offering superb pieces as well as providing unmounted diamonds if required.  When you use us for your diamonds, you will enjoy access to some truly amazing stones as well as expert and genuinely helpful support from our customer care team.  To find out more about what we can provide, call us at (404) 844-0800.