Using Cover to your Advantage in Woodsland Airsoft Games

by | Aug 30, 2013 | Shopping

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Airsoft in a woodsland area offers an authentic military experience many players couldn’t live without. From the Condor tactical gear to the challenging terrain and courses, airsoft is a very different experience when played in the woods. If you are just starting to enjoy the thrill of airsoft you could probably use a few tips on how to use cover to your advantage.

Condor Tactical Gear
One of the airsoft player’s best friends is of course their gear and Condor tactical gear can really up your effectiveness in staying well protected when seeking cover. Blending in with your surroundings is the name of the game and having the best camouflage and tactical gear for the terrain will keep you in the game longer.

Use Silence as Cover
Don’t make the mistake of deciding to move too suddenly and making too much noise. Remember, those who have been playing longer than you know how to use sound to their advantage and use it to detect movement by their opponents. Pay attention to where you are moving and where your feet are going to land with each step. Those little twigs under foot can snap pretty loudly and will give your location away in a minute. Use silent movement as part of your cover strategy by stepping on the side of your foot as opposed to the soles of your feet or step toe first, slowly and gently.

Tree Walking
This is the most common way of using cover in airsoft. You literally walk from tree to tree using the angles to your advantage based on where your opponents are located. This is good if you know you are not being flanked and want to keep your eye on one known assailant. However if there is a chance someone can be coming up behind you it can be risky as you have no where to run.

The entire airsoft experience is exhilarating and can become an obsession that is hard to shake. You can really get caught up in the airsoft life from needing the Condor Plate Carrier and Condor tactical gear you read about online to dreaming up strategies for your next mission. Once you start collecting Airsoft Guns and being prepared to play every weekend you will become a die hard airsoft player.