What is an Electronic Cigarette Atomizer?

by | Sep 14, 2016 | Shopping

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The atomizer in your e-cigarette heats up the e-liquid until it takes on vapor form. The resulting vapor is then inhaled, a process known as vaping.

How does it work?

An atomizer relies on a heating device, often a small gauge wire, to get the job done. The wire connects to a circuit board and power supply. When the circuit board is activated, power is sent to the heating element or wire and to the micro-pump inside the atomizer. The pump sends the e-liquid to pass through the atomizer where it is vaporized.

Does the atomizer need other tools to work?

An atomizer needs cartridges or drip tips. These are typically sold separately. Dripping is a form of vaping. The e-liquid is simply allowed to drip directly onto the atomizer, eliminating the need for a cartridge or tank. If you want a faster vaping response, or want your vape pen ready at all times, it’s better to use a cartridge instead.

How long does it last?

You can usually count on the average e-cigarette atomizer to last for about 2 to 4 weeks of use. You’ll need to shell out for a replacement soon after that. Expect the timeframe to be shorter than average, though, if you’re a heavy vaper.

Do I have to clean it?

Yes. Some users clean their atomizers once a day. Others do it once every week. Some are more careful, while others just blow them out, put them on a paper towel and leave them alone to dry upside down. Some use pure grain alcohol as well. Do your research and match them to your vaping habits to determine the best cleaning, care and maintenance routine for you and your atomizer.

Where to buy?

Lastly, choose a reliable source for your atomizer. Go with popular shops like the Atlantic Vapor. You’ll rest easy, knowing you’ll always receive quality atomizers when you put in an order. That helps make for an ideal vaping experience every time.