What To Do Before Finding Jewelry Buyers In Chicago

by | Aug 19, 2016 | Jewelry

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When most people need extra cash, they go to a loan shop or ask their family. However, you may not have realized that your jewelry box is the perfect place to find some extra cash, especially if you don’t want the items anymore. Buyers are everywhere in Chicago, but to get the best price, it may be best to choose someone who buys gold and/or jewels.


It must be stated at least once that you will not get rich quick by selling your old necklaces, rings, and bracelets. Likewise, those heirlooms that you were told were madly expensive may not be so. It’s important to realize that when you sell these items, it’s just an accessory to the buyer. They aren’t going to give you gobs of dough just because you’re attached to the piece for sentimental reasons.

Insurance Versus In-Store Appraisal

Most people are shocked when they learn that their jewelry isn’t appraised for as much as they thought. When you go to an insurance agent, they’ll ask how much your jewels are worth and will insure them for that amount (or up to a certain amount.) However, in-store appraisers are there to tell you how much the going rate is for the items you have. In short, they’ll tell you how much buyers in Chicago are willing to spend.

More About Appraisals

So that you aren’t hoodwinked when you find a buyer, it’s best to know as much about the piece as possible, including the going rate for similar items. You can do your own research online or have it appraised by a professional.


When you’ve found a buyer, it’s best to clean the piece appropriately or take it somewhere to have it cleaned. Likewise, it can be helpful to repair it before selling, to get the best price.

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