Where Is The Best Place To Sell Coins In Chicago And How?

by | Jul 8, 2016 | Jewelry

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Whether you’ve spent years creating your collection or inherited them from family members, you have decided to sell your coins in Chicago and may wonder how to do so. The worst thing you could do is go to a pawn shop or use them to buy items (at face value). Understanding what to do and where to go can help you get the most money for your valuable coin collection.

Worth Much?

The first step is to determine how much the coin is worth or how much the collection is worth. To do this, you may need to visit an appraiser, though some people have luck doing online appraising. The goal is to find out what they are worth in the current market, as well as how much they were worth in the past. Both options can give you a better idea of what you’ve got and what you could have had, which can help you decide to get rid of them now or wait a bit.


Some collectors will tell you to clean the coin when it comes into your possession or when you plan on selling them. That’s possibly the worst advice imaginable because cleaning them will make them worth less. A coin that has a few dings and hasn’t been cleaned will be worth more than the same one that has been cleaned.

Ways of Selling Your Coin

Online auctions and physical auctions may seem like the best way to sell coins, but many of these sites or places will charge fees based on the sale. Instead, it may be best to go to a coin shop, after you already know the value of your collection.

If you want to sell coins in Chicago, your best bet may be to use Chicago Gold Gallery. Visit them at www.chicagogoldgallery.com to find out more information.