White Owl Cigars: An American Icon

by | Sep 8, 2014 | Shopping

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White Owl cigars are easily recognized by the company logo, a snowy owl, which is often portrayed perched on a cigar. The cigars are machine-rolled, giving them a neat finish and a low price tag. Choose one for special occasions or the casual smoke. Aficionados credit them as having a slow burn, a rich flavor, and a high quality. Learn a little more about the company and discover all of the varieties that are available.

History of White Owl Cigars

White Owl cigars were first produced in 1887 in Dolthan, Alabama by General Cigar Company. The brand is now owned by Swedish Match, but still operates under the General Cigar name. General Cigar experienced its largest growth in the 1960s, owned by Edgar M. Cullman and a group of investors. Due to the ban on Cuban imports, the company used tobacco grown locally in Connecticut and imported from Mexico, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic.

General Cigar and its parent company Swedish Match continue to grow, producing a number of popular brands and making it one of the largest tobacco companies in the world. Their products are made in Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, and Honduras. Of note is the company’s dedication to social responsibility, which includes many outreach initiatives for health and education, as well as an environmental protections and reforestation project.

Varieties of White Owl Cigars Available

White Owl cigars are available in several varieties. They can be found in several different sizes and types. Blunts are generally the smallest option at around three inches long, ranging all the way up to the full-sized sport at close to seven inches.

Blunts Xtra
Demi Tip
Mini Sweets 50s
Miniatures 50s
New Yorker
New Yorker 100s
Ranger 120s

There are several flavors, though not all are available in every size or type. They include the following:

24K Gold
Green Sweets
Strawberry berry berry
White Grape

Club Macanudo
General Cigar is designated as the owner of Club Macanudo in New York on the Upper East Side. This luxury cigar bar opened in 1996 and has been wildly popular due to its feature in several national publications and television programs. It is a gentleman’s establishment with a strict dress code, an atmosphere of elegance, and a menu full of quality cigars, beverages, and food. As expected, the hangout carries the line of General Cigar products, including White Owl brand.

Shopping for White Owl Cigars