Why You Should Only Buy Your Meat From A Sydney Butcher

by | Apr 21, 2017 | Butcher Shop

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Many areas have no butchers around, which is why most people head to the supermarket to buy meat and meat-related products. The problem is that these stores aren’t likely to have the freshest and highest quality of meats available. You will pay about the same to go to the store as you would if you chose a Sydney butcher, which is why more people are turning to butchers for their meats.

Variety Of Cuts

The first problem with supermarkets is that they only offer what is popular in the area. You may not even see lamb at all, let alone all the different beef cuts, pork, pre-made hamburgers, or other unique options. When you go to a butcher in Sydney (whether to the shop or online), you’ll see everything they have to offer, including far more options than the grocery store.

Pre-made Specialties

Some people prefer grocery stores because they have kits available that include the meat, veggies, and everything else you need to make a meal. The goal is to throw it in the oven or slow cooker and have a meal fit for a king. However, butchers may also offer pre-made items, including meatballs, Beef Wellington, kebabs, Chicken Kiev and other options. All you do is order or buy it, take it home, and prepare it in the oven or slow cooker, in just the same way, with the same level of convenience.

Condiments And More

A butcher in Sydney is also likely to have the highest-quality condiments and other needs. They’ll have various dry rubs, wet sauces, all the spices you need, dry goods, cheese and other dairy products, and much more. Butchers can be a one-stop shop for all your meat needs, including what to put on them to make them taste more delicious.

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