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by | Mar 4, 2016 | Liquor Store

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There are hundreds of popular liquors and thousands of wines available throughout the world. Alcohol continues to grow as a commodity all over the world. Consumers in the most densely populated parts of New York have tastes wide and varied as any other part of the world. When it comes to finding the right wine for a celebration or event, they want to go somewhere that carries a broad selection as well as expertise. That is why has made itself an irrefutable authority on every wine and liquor that they sell. All of their Wines undergo a careful vetting process to ensure that customers are receiving a product of quality.

One might wonder why there are so many different Wines on the market. The truth is that there are a couple of different reasons that the wine market has blossomed. Wine can be divided into a number of different categories. Champagne. for example. comes exclusively from the region it is named for in France. Sparkling wines of all sorts mimic the qualities of champagne, but they lack the history of the region. To set themselves apart, many vineyards have chosen to embrace their own culture and heritage. The result is that the processes for developing wine are varied by region. Now the wines from South Africa taste different from those from California or Australia.

Wines can be further distinguished based on their taste, their color, thickness, and alcohol content. Experts at Towne Cellar Wines can help walk customers through a night of dining wine by wine. sparkling wine is right to awaken the palate before a meal with its sharp acidity that will liven up tongues and lips. Appetizer courses including soups, salads, or other delectable snacks may call for a riesling, or a sauvignon blanc to enrich the beginning of the meal with floral and aromatic notes. Rich reds help cultivate the main course so long as its not a lighter fish, and dessert wines can often be savory and sweet as a treat.

The people working at Towne Cellars are trained in depth on wines and liquors to help customers get their night headed in the right direction. With wines picked by a professional sommelier, customers are sure to find something that suits their tastes.

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